About me

I was born on June 30th 1978 in Munich.

Since my 18th birthday I have been involved in every aspect of radio broadcasting production. For several years I had my own radio show. Nowadays I still co-host a radio show with my dear friend and colleague Dirk Wagner on AFK M94.5, a small radio station in Munich.

For those who are interested, it is every Saturday 19:00 CET on www.m945.de but I’m afraid that it’s mostly in German.

However, during my political science studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich I became more and more aware that I’m not so much interested in working as a journalist, although it can open some doors. I felt that a rather proactive lifestyle would suit me more than the descriptive world of journalism. In other words: Politics.

I got the chance to do an internship at the United Nations in the Department of Disarmament Affairs (Office of Disarmament Affairs nowadays) in 2005.
In 2008/09 I was in New York again doing a traineeship for the Council Secretariat of the European Union. One of my main duties was to report on the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, which is relatively new body within the United Nations. The PBC’s guiding principle is the “integrated peacebuilding strategy”, which means one must address every crucial aspect of post-conflict states and societies in order to achieve sustainable peace. In my view this is a very useful and interesting approach.
However, I felt the lack of a coherent media-intervention-strategy within the UN was apparent. Slowly and surely things are progressing within the UN. In December 2008 a confernce took place on “Media and Communications in Peacebuilding". This shows that the awareness is being raised.
Being German, I am well aware that the media-intervention after World War II set a very positive impulse on the post-war development in Germany. I was astonished that those positive results were not transformed into a more general and broader peacebuilding strategy in the post-war era. This is how my idea of a dissertation project started to take a shape.
Finally Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kempf from the University of Konstanz became my doctoral thesis supervisor.
(To read more about the basic idea of my project, please click on project.)

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Comments and suggestions on any aspect of my work are very welcome. As I am momentarily not supported by a scholarship, I would also greatly appreciate financial support, should you think my work is convincing.